Please don't eat me.
Do you think you'll see cuddlebro again in the afterlife? Also do you think you'll be human in whatever heaven type place you go to?

……… *Sighs* I don’t know anon….. I mean, it’d be amazing to see him again, but I don’t belong where he is. I’m gonna burn in Hell, honestly~ *dry laughter*

I want to apologize….

((I know I’ve been absent for a couple days now, and I feel awful for it! My computer has been acting wonky, so it’s hard to answer properly. That, and all I have in my inbox are messages from Perv. I think it went on a message guzzling spree like old times. Anyways, I’m not dead or on hiatus. Just been handling life and the like.))

I heard about a threesome

Holy shit you’re a persistant bastard, ya know that???

Th-Threesome?! Ahahahaha! W-Who would ever say such a thing, am I right?! No way would I ever have a threesome with you and Kiddo, h-how ridiculous! *laughing despite sweating nervously because of similar discussion with Spy*

Oh, he's not? Well if you have desert I'd love some~

No, surprisingly. I think he’s tired of being angry about it. And I’m certain he’s alright with ya. We have ice cream too, if ya want.

*Blinks* its alright. ... it was my fault anyway. .. I'm not too good with words, I shouldn't have said fun. I should go. *She got up and left her plate on the sink* Tell him I'm sorry, and thanks for the food.

Wait, you’re going already? *Gets up and follows, abandoning his bowl on the table* Ya don’t have to go now. He’s not even that pissed, trust me. I’ve seen worse. Do ya really have to go?

Few~ So stuck between huh? Sounds fun to be honest

Fun? Fun????

Oh dear, here we go.

It sounds fun to be stuck like this? To feel like you’re not completely here?  To continuously worry that you’ll just disappear at any given moment? That anything and everything that holds you here, or did, is delicate and fragile, and if you fuck up, it’ll break and you’ll fade away???? That sounds fun? *Grunts and finishes his food, getting up and dumping his bowl in the sink* Hn, let me tell you something: It sucks. It fucking sucks being in limbo like I am. It’s awful and completely terrifying. *Covers the pot of stew with a lid* If you want more it’s here, I’m going out. Glad you liked the meal, Spy. *Exits*

……………………….. Huh, he didn’t yell. I was expecting him to completely freak out on you……….  *Sighs with relief* Don’t let it upset ya, he’s been harboring this for a while now.


…… The fuck?

Kiddo, he’s not a zombie.

Fuckin’ gross! No, I’m not dead, or a zombie. Just caught in between I suppose. I’m not gonna eat brains, yuck. This is a beef stew made from cow meat and vegetables with spices. No brains, I swear.

*She happily went to the pot and served herself some more * So who taught you how to cook?

Pan mostly.

Damn straight I did.

But! I knew how to cook before, he just helped me get better. I was rusty after being dead for so long.

So Hypothetical here~

((Say I’m going to cosplay an SnK character for an upcoming con, and I wanna buy the cloak of the scouting regiment, what would the appropriate size be for a chica who’s 5’8”-5’9”, and roughly round that answer in centimeters?  The cloaks on amazon always go by 170cm and such, so I wanna get the right length.

Just a hypothetical question that I hope gets answered so I can hypothetically order the cloak tonight or tomorrow and get express shipping so it’s here on time.))

*after a few more spoonfuls she finished. * May I get seconds?

*Points to the pot on the stove* Help yourself. Glad you like it.

*Still eating himself*